The debut film of the Italian horror maestro Dario Argento is introduced by Alan Jones; The author of the definitive Argento book "The Man, the Myths and the Magic", and one of the director's closest friends who travels to Oppdal to give us a close insight into Argento's giallo classic.

Many of us have seen Suspiria and Deep Red, but it was with The Bird With the Crystal Plumage that it all started for Dario Argento as a director. The film critic and screenwriter finally got his own film produced, and it shocked the audience. 

Our guest and presenter Alan Jones is an internationally renowned writer in the horror and fantasy genre. It started with Star Wars, where he reported from location during filming in 1977. Since then, Jones has worked as a film writer, critic, radio host, participated in productions, arranged film screenings and film festivals. Everything in genre film and with a beating heart for Italian horror, giallo and especially Dario Argento.

Alan Jones has a huge resume, with background in classic film magazines such as CFQ, Starburst, Film Review and Fangoria, He has also written for Empire, Total Film, SFX, Wonderland, Heat, The Guardian, GQ, Vogue, FHM, Femme Fatales , The Dark Side, The Independent and Premiere. Jones is also co-curator of the London FrightFest. 

When we contacted Alan Jones, there was no doubt that he would present an Argento film. After all, he has reported from the sets on all of his films since Opera in the 80s, written the book "The Man, the Myths & The Magic” and appears on countless commentary tracks and documentaries about the Italian director. 

The choice also naturally fell on his very first film and masterpiece The Bird With the Crystal Plumage from 1970. Now we all finally get to see the film in cinema during Ramaskrik 2021, and hear stories from both the film and the wonderful world of giallo!

27. september 2021
Skrevet av