Thank you all who attended, contributed and supported Ramaskrik 2020. We are very satisfied with how the festival played out and all the feedback from you guys says the same!

We ended up at just shy of 1800 redeemed tickets for the festival. That is more than two months of viewing time from all over Norway. If we average two peaople in front of each screen, which we belive is a modest estimate, we end up with an audience of 3600, a number that is very similar to what we had at our last physical festival. This is naturally just a guess, but we believe it’s a very qualified guess.

The feedback we got on the film lineup was great. Even though we missed out on the big cinema premieres, we ended up with over 20 feature films and a two full programs of short films. We managed to mirror the international horror scene well, with movies from such diverse countries as Uruguay, South Africa, Russia and Denmark. Even in this pandemic year, good horror was not hard to find!

When we first had to go digital, it was brilliant to open with Host, this years ultimate pandemic zoom film. We had both the director, producers and three of the actors as the first guests out on a series of zoom conversations over the weekend.

In addition, we had an exclusive meeting with director Edgar Wright, book presentation with author T.H. Håvardsen on his newest horror novel and not least a panel discussion on Norwegian horror film featuring Roar Uthaug among others. 

You can watch all interviews (minus the very, very exclusive chat with Edgar Wright) on our YouTube channel

Now we hope that the pandemic subsides and the arrival of a vaccine so that we can once again meet over a cup of coffee between films at Oppdal. The festival takes place October 21-24, 2021. We promise we will make up for our lost 10-year anniversary.


27. september 2021
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