We are pleased to announce five films for this years festival. Take a look at these five titles, coming to Ramaskrik this october!



Prepare for pitch black stuff. The new parents, Jesus and Maria, have decided to buy a new coffee table. A seemingly simple decision about a bland piece of furniture will turn out to shape their lives in ways neither of them could have predicted.



This is ultra-violent puppet horror that's as crazy as it is fascinating. The cast includes genre favorites such as Robert Englund, Sid Haig and Jordan Peele. The film includes gore, exploding heads, creepy dolls, vomit, and even more gore!



This treat has become a festival favorit, and is now headed to Oppdal! Home invasion meets Pro Wrestling meets the supernatural. Sold yet?

During a raid, the police find a number of bloody corpses, as well as a mysterious man chained in a locked room. This mysterious man, who only calls himself 'The Traveler', leads us through four stories directed by four different Latin American directors!



Malum is a reimagining of Anthony DiBlasi's cult hit Last Shift from 2014, and audiences can look forward to an expanded story, a bigger budget, and another long, long night shift at the deserted police station.


08. september 2023
Skrevet av