Finally, we can announce our whole feature film program for Ramaskrik Film Festival 2022. These are the remaining 14 films out of the 25 heading towards Oppdal.

Viking wolf and regional fairy tale
“Vikingulven” (The Viking Wolf) gets its first ever screening during Ramaskrik. Director Stig Svendsen and screenwriter Espen Aukan will join us once again, previously having shown us a great teaser. 
“Sønner av Lilith” (Sons of Lilith) is regional horror by a young team of filmmakers. The films story has roots in Norwegian folk tales and is an energetic and fun ride. Director Henrik Schefte and others from the production will attend the screening.

Classic Directors
It is a year with new films from classic horror film directors. During Ramaskrik you will be able to see David Cronenberg’s Cannes-premiering “Crimes of the Future”, as well as a new giallo-film from our Italian maestro Dario Argento, the stylish “Dark Glasses”.
Film classics
Speaking of classic, Neil Marshall will show his debut-feature “Dog Soldiers”! 
“I Know What You Did Last Summer” turns 25 years old, and to honour that we will show a screening of the 90’s slasher as well.
On Wednesday, the night before the festival starts there will be a screening of “Army of Darkness” on beautiful 35mm film for those who have already arrived in Oppdal.

German and Austrian film
Previously, we have not had that many German-speaking movies on our festival. This year that changes, we got two! “Family Dinner” is a dark tale from director Peter Hengl, with a rising psychological unpleasantness and hard-hitting twists and turns. It’s a well-crafted feature debut that flirts with both folk and elevated horror. “Holy Shit!” is a creative, entertaining og nerve-wrecking film that does not hold back with its blood and gore. A wonderfully tongue-in-cheek and claustrophobic film.

Pandemic, art, and humour
“The Harbinger” is a breath of fresh air withing the realm of movies centered around pandemics. Full of exciting and occult fantasies, with gorgeous cinematography. 
“A Wounded Fawn” takes everything you think you know about film and gender conventions and twists them beyond recognition. The film oozes with storytelling joy and peppers the viewer with references to art history and surrealism.

“Deadstream” is a terrific mixture of comedy and horror, quite reminiscent of the cinema of Sam Raimi and Evil Dead 2. Nothing more needs to be said. Perfect for Ramaskrik!

Secret Screening
We don’t want to say much but there is a secret screening as well, early Saturday morning. What you are going to see is kept secret until you sit in the auditorium. You have not seen this before

All movies for the festival (On norwegian)

11. oktober 2022
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