The norwegian film «Leave» is this year’s opening film at Ramaskrik. In that regard actor Herman Tømmeraas known from tv-shows Skam and Ragnarok is joining us for an introduction accompanied by director Alex Herron and producers Dave Spildde and Tommy Wirkola.

The official opening of the festival is on Thursday, the 20th of October, 18.40 (6.40 PM). There are screenings of movies earlier in the day, but the “official opening-movie” is 18.40 in our largest auditorium. 

“Leave” tells the story of the American girl Hunter, who’s in search of her biological parents in Norway. She discovers dark family secrets and a legacy that haunts her. The Norwegian premiere is on the 28th of October but will have its world premiere at Ramaskrik in Oppdal on the 20th of October.

11. oktober 2022
Skrevet av