Our third wave of movies features some solid "front-of-the-seat" experiences, and exclusive premieres for the Ramaskrik Film Festival. Here you have five new titles for Ramaskrik21.

It's lovely to once again be able to offer exclusive horror on the big screen. Antlers has been on our the radar for a long time. Now it is released to the world with a few festival screenings internationally before you can attend the nordic premiere at Ramaskrik.

Don’t Breathe 2
Sound, vision and darkness. Our lovely genre loves to play with these senses to keep us at the edge of our seats. The intense thriller Don’t Breathe came as a breath of fresh air in 2016. The sequel takes us to an isolated cabin where Norman Nordstrøm lives, together with a young orphaned girl he adopted after a house fire.

Alone With You
A young woman is preparing for a romantic evening with her girlfriend who is returning home after a job trip. As the evening unfold, the apartment feels more and more like a crypt where voices, shadows and hallucinations point to an unpleasant truth.

This psychological thriller takes place almost exclusively in an apartment where director and main actress Emily Bennett stands out as Charlie, whose world is slowly but surely falling apart around her.


The Boy Behind the Door
More nerves and excitement! Two 12-year-old boys are kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to a remote house. But instead of following the parents' desperate search, this film we stay close to Bobby, one of the two boys, who manages to escape early on.


The History of Metal and Horror
Iconic Michael Barryman fronts this innovative documentary with a historical review of metal and horror films. His central questions are; when did the link between horror and metal happen? Musicians such as Kirk Hammett, Alice Cooper, Claudio Simonetti and Gwar talk about when their interest in horror and metal started as well as what are their favorite movies. Filmmakers such as Tom Savini, John Carpenter and Rob Zombie elaborate on the genre's development and how musicians and metal took over the horror scene of the 1980s. It's all complemented by bloody clips from your favorite movies.

27. september 2021
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