Master of Horror Mick Garris is coming to Oppdal and Ramaskrik Film Festival in October. Director, producer, screenwriter, author and podcaster Mick Garris comes all the way from Los Angeles to meet the audience at Oppdal.

Mick Garris is primarily known for his collaboration with author Stephen King and has directed no less than seven King films and TV series, including The Stand, The Shining, Sleepwalkers and Riding the Bullet, but Garris is so much more! He is a storyteller of rank, and a very central filmmaker in the world of genre film.

-If you draw a circle around Mick Garris, filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Wes Craven, Tom Holland and many, many more will be in his immediate vicinity. Garris has for a number of years been the very hub in the genre wheel with his many collaborations, perhaps especially with the TV series Masters of Horror at the early 2000s. A TV series that sprung from his Masters of Horror dinners where he invites the biggest names in the horror genre to dine together. Garris has received a number of lifetime achievement awards for his work in the horror genre.

His big breakthrough in the film business came as a screenwriter for Steven Spielberg with the series Amazing Stories in the mid-80s. He got his first directing jobs with Critters 2: The Main Course, Psycho IV: The Beginning and wrote the script for the The Fly II. After that there were a lot of Stephen King. Mick Garris is among King's closest collaborators when it comes to telling his stories on the screen.

Garris is a storyteller who has been in the business since the late 70s. From receptionist and R2D2 operator on Star Wars to filming making-of-vignetts for films such as The Thing, Videodrome and The Goonies to writing and directing a huge number of genre films.
- Since the start of his career, Garris has been interviewing filmmakers for various magazines and TV channels and is now the host of the award-winning podcast "Post Mortem with Mick Garris". His fantastic communication skills make the podcast one of the most important for genre films today, where his enormous network means that he can interview all the essential filmmakers within our genre at any time.

- We are honored that Mick Garris is coming to Oppdal and Norway for the first time to be our guest at Ramaskrik Film Festival 19 - 22. October. Our audience gets to meet one of the nicest people in the industry, hear his stories and see two of his films. We will screen his 1988 feature debut Critters 2: The Main Course as well as the 2004 Stephen King film Riding the Bullet, a film Mick Garris has described as his most personal film. In addition, we will have a live chat with Garris at Kulturhuset during the festival.

07. juni 2023
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