“Leave”. The first screening of this years biggest Norwegian Halloween film will happen at Ramaskrik a week before it’s premiere across the rest of the country. We have a lot of guest lined up, actor Herman Tømmeraas, director Alex Herron and producers Dave Splide and Tommy Wirkola.

“Skinnamarink” is an experimental DIY nightmare. Through thick layers of film noise, we are forced to stare into shadowed corridors and dim corners. Skinamarink has already caused sleepless nights after its world premiere at the Fantasia film festival.

“Hatching”. Finlands horror-hit opened to great reviews at Sundance.  Director Hanna Bergholm comes to Oppdal to give us a Norwegian premiere to her bloody coming-of-age film.

“Fall” is the ultimate scared of heights movie. If you haven’t acrophobia already, then this movie tries  it best to give you jelly feet and shake you to the core before leaving the screening. Look at the trailer!

“The Lair” is Neil Marshall’s (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) newest action/horror film. The screening at Ramaskrik will be the Nordic premiere. Both Marshall and main actress Charlotte Kirk will join us. An RAF-pilot gets shot down in Afghanistan. She takes shelter in an abandoned bunker where she comes across an old soviet research facility where they create a disturbing biological weapon; half human, half alien, totally scary!

“Army of Darkness”, or “Evil Dead 3” is a bonus feature for everyone that arrives at the hotel the night before the festival starts. The Raimi classic will be projected through gorgeous 35 mm film. Even if you aren’t checked in to the hotel, you are welcome to join the screening.

12. oktober 2022
Skrevet av