Mick Garris brings his acclaimed and award winning podcast "Post Mortem with Mick Garris" to our festival for a live Q & A.

- Ever since the start of his career, Garris has interviewed filmmakers for various magazines and TV channels and is now the host of the award-winning podcast "Post Mortem with Mick Garris". His fantastic communication skills make the podcast one of the most important for genre films today, where his enormous network means that he can interview the most important filmmakers within our genre at any time.

Once in a while, the audience gets the opportunity to ask questions directly to Mick Garris, and here you can ask about everything, or "Ask Mick Anything" as these episodes are called. Friday afternoon on October 20th at At 4.30 pm we set up a studio in the foyer where you can catch an episode live from Ramaskrik.

We are super thrilled that he will have his own live podcast during the festival.

Garris will answer questions from the audience attending the episode, but he will also answer questions sent in to us beforehand. If you have a great question in mind as you're reading this, you're welcome to send it in here.


14. oktober 2023
Skrevet av