Rafting-horror, black Friday gone wrong, superheroes, French and south American zombies. These are the movies for this announcement.

Director Ugis Olte joins us to talk about his Latvian horror film, “Upurga”. The film follows the tour-guide Andrejs, who is set to look after an insufferable film crew in the wilderness. On the other side of river however, waits a mysterious force.

Final Cut
It’s rare to get a zombie-flick from an Oscar-winning director. This is the exception! A film crew of an low budget zombie movie begins to suspect that it might be real zombies they are dealing with. “Final Cut” was the opening-film during this years Cannes Film Festival, and is a remake of the Japanese film “One Cut of the Dead” from

Black Friday
Bruce Campbell is with us (on the screen) on Wednesday with “Army of Darkness”. He is also seen in “Black Friday” both as actor and producer. What can possibly go wrong during the biggest shooping day of the year?

This movie takes place in Montevideo, the capital of Urugay. Single mom and nightshift guard Iris (Paula Silva) takes her daughter to work, in a somewhat worn-out training facility, without knowing there is a virus outside turning everyone to zombies. The zombies are fast and angry, but Iris realizes that they quickly calm down after 32 seconds.

Smoking Causes Coughing
French director Quentin Dupiex has become quite the auteur of hilarious and quirky genre-movies. This is arguably the weirdest, cutest, and most absurd film you will see at the festival. Imagine an episode of “Power Rangers” directed by a mix of Luis, Buñuel, Monty Python and Spike Jonze. Prepare for a wild ride!

12. oktober 2022
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