Ramaskrik Film Festival takes over the Rise burial ground in Drivdalen with the Stephen King classic Pet Sematary (1989). On Saturday October 23rd, we light the torches and screen the cemetery film at dusk on the Viking burial ground, with the magical view of Oppdal as the perfect backdrop

- You have not seen Pet Sematary until you have seen it in a graveyard! And now we give you the opportunity to do just that, says festival director Morten Haagensen. 

The arena is perfect, located south of Oppdal center, up at the entrance to Vinstradalen, with a fantastic view of the mountain village. The remains found at the burial ground at Rise, and other burial grounds in Oppdal, are from the Iron Age; about 300 ad to 1000 ad. Many objects originate from the British Isles. This is probably loot from viking voyages and has come to Oppdal either through trade or by the fact that Oppdalinger themselves has been in Viking. 


View from the arena towards Oppdal:

- The choice of film was easy. Rarely has the combination of film and location been so good, says Haagensen. Of course we show the original classic from 1989. The atmosphere is garantueed and the audience can probably put on their long underwear this time.

 The idea to show films at the burial ground came just before the summer, from this year's poster artist Mali Anette Hoel. She owns the field, which is close to her farm and gallery.

- This is an idea too good not to go through with. When Mali suggested this during the poster launch, we just had to start planning.

 The burial ground at Rise is about a12 minutes drive south of Oppdal center. Two buses will be set up from the culture house, with a total capacity of 100 seats. These buses are reserved for those who have festival passes and we will have a registration list closer to the screening. It is of course possible to drive yourself, the parking capacity is good, and the burial ground is large. More info about the screening will come later.

Ramaskrik Film Festival is arranged in Oppdal culture house October 21st through 24th 2021. Four days of horror films on three screens, guests from home and abroad, quiz and lots and lots of fun! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2021.

27. september 2021
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