It’s a cool and varied collection of short films during this year’s festival. The shorts will play before some of the feature length films.

Fredrik Hana’s award-winning short film is playing at a great number of film festivals, including Ramaskrik. Through a fragmentary narrative, man's encounter with and handling of the extraterrestrial is depicted.
Shown before “Dark Glasses”.

The middle-aged alcoholic Runar thinks he has scored the perfect date. Things take a strange turn when he realizes he’s pregnant with her alien-egg.
The film has since its premiere during the Tampere film festival in Finland been a part of a grat number of big festivals, both Norwegian and international. Baby Boom is a part of director Tomas Lunde and co. “They Came”-universe.
Shown before “Holy Shit!”.

An eccentric scientist gets a hand on some rare samples. But nothing could prepare him for what he was about to see through the microscope.
Shown before “The Harbinger”.

The local musician Ragnar is deeply in love with Synnøve. Unfortunately, she is to be married with the richest man in the village. In an act of total despair, he throws his violin into a dark pond, where a mythical creature returns it to him in a different form and with dark powers. Regional short form Klipp og Lim productions. Directed by Lars Hegdal and Ole Kristian Øie.

Shown before "A Wounded Fawn"

The heavy-minded and neurotic Karl and his nature-adoring girlfriend Sanna travel to live and work Tistlebu farm, which is run by an elderly woman named Anna. The couple travels with the romantic idea to come in deeper contact with nature, but reality seems to be something completely different.
Shown before “Virus: 32”.

Rick and Becky decides to be a couple after a blind date. But an unexpected revelation proves that first impression isn’t always what it seems.
Shown before “Smoking Causes Coughing”

Two goons are trying to avoid their impending doom when an assassin fight through the masses to kill their boss.
Shown before "The Passenger"


11. oktober 2022
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