Special screening. Director, producer and podcast host Mick Garris is one of our greatest Masters of Horror. He is arguably best known for his lifelong collaboration with Stephen King, and a number of adaptations of King's stories for cinema and television. Sleepwalkers from 1992 has become a cult classic, a different take on the vampire movie and was in fact banned from cinemas by the Norwegian cencors back in the days.

The term Masters of Horror comes from the the dinners Mick Garris hosts for the great classical horror directors. We’re talking John Carpenter Joe Dante, John Landis and many more. In fact, this was where the idea for the TV series Masters of Horror on Showtime came from, where Garris was the producer and directed two of the episodes. In 2020, Garris received The Overlook Film Festival's Masters of Horror Lifetime Achievement Award during a live zoom version of the dinner. Much can be said  about Mick Garris and this fall his biography came in book form; of course with the title «MASTER OF HORROR: The Official Biography of Mick Garris».

We have invited Mick Garris to Ramaskrik to present Sleepwalkers. The story was written by Stephen King exclusively for screen. Garris joins us via Zoom from Los Angeles where he will tell us more about the film and his work. He would of course have been here, but we all know why that isn’t happening this year.

Sleepwalkers will screen on Thursday 21st of October at 5.45 pm. Introduction with Mick Garris and a live Q&A via zoom after the screening.

08. oktober 2021
Skrevet av
Morten Haagensen