What a blast we had this weekend! The return of  Ramaskrik Film Festival. We took the physical event back with a bang and gathered horror fans from all over Norway to a film festival (and snowstorm) in Oppdal this weekend.

The audience flocked back, the joy of reunion has been great and many new ramascreamers have experienced their very first festival! Rarely have we seen audienced quing up, several times a day, to secure a place in the theatre. Everyone has been accommodated and the atmosphere has been great both here at the culture house and at our festival hotel; Quality Hotel Skifer.

The audience feedback on the programming has been brilliant and our visiting filmmakers raves  about full screenings, good audience feedback and an all togehter great experience at Ramaskrik.

It’s been two years since our record festival in 2019 and we are back to old heights after a different year with a digital festival last year. We had a hope and a goal of approaching the record number of 3780 filled cinema seats, and we ended up at 3431 on Sunday afternoon. And that even though the icing on the cake, the screening of Pet Sematary at an old viking burrial ground, snowed away. We are super happy and have huge grins on our faces above sweaty festival shirts. It was a physical festival and we are back in full force!

Thanks everyone. Audience, volunteers, staff, partners and employees in Oppdal culture house. Well home everyone. See you in a year!

21. mars 2022
Skrevet av